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eduvertex Online Classroom Program

eduvertex Online Classroom Program creates a classroom environment, where a learner feels to be present with a peer group and involved in various activities such as attending lectures, participating in quizzes and their analysis. Availing flipbooks, writing assignments, interacting doubts with faculties and friends, avail recording sessions, practising with various tests and discussions and a lot more.

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Educators, best in their subject are not easy to meet with a learner in a regular classroom coaching due to geographical constrains. It is a toll to join hands of a learner with right educators. eduvertexlive has a large pool of best educators having students feedback 4.7/5 & above at every corners of the nation and the different parts of the globe to felicitate right education to a right learner at our live platform.

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LIVE SESSION has three parts, Lecture, Quiz, Analysis. Lecture has delivered on eduvertexlive platform based on scheduled topics through video conferencing with shared white board. It appears as classroom lecture where a learner feel 1-To-1 interaction with an instructor. eduvertexlive platform provide more focussed and intense learning than classroom. Quiz & analysis is followed by the lecture.


QUIZ is an integral part of a lecture. It contains ten conceptual questions based on the topics taut in the current lecture. We provide 30 minutes time to students to solve the quiz followed by the lecture. The quiz is finally discuss and analysed by the instrutor in next 30 minutes time.


RECORDED LECTURES are available at eduvertexlive platform. A student can watch the recorded lecture in multiple times to boost-up the concept. It is also useful for those, who has missed the live lectures.


We have rich collection of STUDY MATERIAL. It contains flip books, notes, Q's&A, practice set etc.